Atendendo a algumas respostas apreciativas e inúmeras ignorativas, aqui está......

28 novembro 2010


The US State Department doesn't look too bad when you look at the wikileaks, does it? Most of the material seems to be what you expect they would be saying internally, which is not exactly what they say in public, but isn't that far. I'd say the same for Israel - no surprises. The leaked cables do bring the question: how come there was no military action against the Persian nukes? Is the answer "Stuxnet"?

Other leaders do look bad - Berlusconi, Putin, the Gulf kings. No big surprises there either, what did we expect from them? The Red Crescent brought heavy weapons to Hezbollah, North Korea sold long range missiles to Persia... Dangerous games, who would have guessed?

With a bit of luck, this will be the end of the obsolete culture of diplomacy. Rituals from a time before the telegraph, affectations of a time before democracy, formalities that have no place in the contemporary world. The hypocrisy of diplomacy has never brought us closer to peace. A world in which diplomats talk the way other professionals, or even politicians, do after 1968 will be a safer world.
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