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16 novembro 2010

Question about spreadsheets

I have a spreadsheet in Google docs. I download it and sort it according to one of the columns using Numbers. The other columns get readjusted, keeping each row organized. That's what I expect.

But once I sorted it using Excel, "Sort A-Z." The remaining columns stay where they are. The correspondence between the data in different columns of the same row is lost. For all intents and purposes, the date is lost unless and until I undo the sorting. I find this unbelievable! Can any of you confirm this experimental result?

Google docs does the same thing as if one row had the name, height, and weight of a person, it would still have the name, height, and weight of the same person after sorting by any criteria. In Excel, on the other hand, the height would no longer correspond to the same name after sorting.

This seems a very basic error. Is it possible that people have been putting up with this crazy behavior in Excel for years and years? If so, I can almost understand how spreadsheet-using accountants managed to give a clean bill of health to Enron and Banco Panamericano. Please tell me I am wrong.
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