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07 novembro 2009

Plagiarism in paper

Usp's Magnific Rector was a co-author of a fraudulent paper that contained plagiarized material. The corresponding author, a very prolific corresponding author, as well as the rector blame the error on a former graduate student. An investigation committee was set up, but judging from the work of the previous investigation committee it is doubtful that this one will go very far.

Let us give them the benefit of doubt and assume that they did not check the content of the paper in question. Did they check their other publications? Or are we forced to conclude that they sign a paper submission every other week without due care? How many of the others contain errors? Who has time to read so many papers? Who cares? If an error gets caught, the paper can be retracted. They act like a thief that offers to return the stolen money if caught.

Now can I still flunk plagiarizing students?
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