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29 junho 2011

Vote NO on clamshell containers!

In Massachusetts, independents can vote in any party's primary, and there will not be a Democratic primary. Believe it or not, it crossed my mind to vote for Huntsman in the Republican primary, just so that Rosa and Hannah don't have to be ashamed of whichever meshuga the Republicans come up with to run for president of their country.

Now Susanna, who read the NYTimes magazine article on Huntsman - I didn't have the patience - tells me that his wealth comes from his father's invention of the Big Mac clamshell container. I hate those containers! They contain everything that is wrong in America: self-indulgence, bad food, trash, pollution, waste of energy, lazyness, all in the service of poor work and personal habits.

I hate those containers more than Sarah Palin. If Huntsman was counting on my vote, he lost it.
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