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16 junho 2011

I have been completely unproductive in the past few days, so let's tell jokes.
A friend tells a story he got from his Japanese teacher. Not sure if the teacher saw it or just heard about it. 
Japanese Go club, full of strong amateurs and several pros. Anyone under 5 dan is there for lessons. One regular is a well-known 9-dan pro. Everyone knows everyone else here, and most of the other strong players around.
One day, someone nobody recognises walks in, immediately sits down with the 9-dan, takes two stones, and loses by a narrow margin. Observers are amazed.
After he leaves, someone gets up the courage to ask "Sensei, who the devil was that?" "My elder brother. I learned Go from him and did not win a game against him until I was 18, but I turned pro and he went into business."
 The forgot to tell the rest of the dialogue:

"Sensei, are you all that strong in your family?"
"No, our younger brother wins against both of us even."
"So why doesn't he play?"
"He stopped when grandma learned to play. She beat him with 4 stones handicap."
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