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15 junho 2010

Game against socialist Korea

Back from watching Brazil and democratic Korea at the local bakery. Before reading anything, I'll register the impression that this is Brazil's weakest team since 1990. Not the fault of any of the players, all excellent. The backs are precise, the forwards sharp. But the only midfielder is Kaká, who is out of shape. The problem is the coach, who less keen on winning than he is afraid of losing. He doesn't want creative players such as Ronaldinho, Ganso, and Neymar sitting on the bench because then he can't deal with the pressure to get them playing. To his credit, Dunga is not afraid of making substitutions, unlike most of Brazil's recent coaches; certainly because he is a former player and is not afraid of facing the person who gets out. The team may even win, thanks to a solid defense and individual talent. But it will be painful.

Does anyone have pictures of Marco Aurélio Garcia cheering the Korean goal?
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