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16 junho 2010

Brazil appeases another rogue state?

It's not me saying. That's the title of a Foreign Policy article by the same blogger who claimed Celso Amorim was the world's best foreign minister. I doubt that Itamaraty is capable of persuading Juan, Lúcio, Maicon, or Júlio César to allow a democratic Korean goal, although they did force Dunga's team to play in Zimbabwe to help prop up the local dictator. If you have them, please post pictures of Marco Aurélio Garcia or Samuel Pinheiro Guimarães cheering Korea's socialist goal! (You can bet they did.)

In a related contribution, Amorim himself writes in the Herald Tribune with a somewhat novel argument - the means justify the goals! Brazil cast a bad vote in the UN Security Council just to have make the statement that its ambassadors want to be in the room where decisions are made. His piece doesn't even try to explain recent Brazilian positions on trade, climate, finance, and human rights, which tend to be against Brazil's interests anyway. The important thing is to have your voice heard. Like a crying baby.
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