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09 junho 2010

Brazil has arrived. Are we happy?

Economists are telling the Fed to increase US interest rates because Brazil's economy is overheating. The Brazilian government is unconcerned, in a celebratory mood even. Amuse yourself reading Paul Krugman, Alex Schwartsman, or marvel that someone is paying attention to Brazil outside the world of soccer.

Forecast for Brazil next year: inflation, and higher taxes. Action: invest green and yellow, dollar and gold.

Did I hear someone mention soccer? While Dunga trains the official Brazilian team with an injured merengue and 9 backs, the real Brazilian players - the young, fun loving Santos boys - were playing real Brazilian soccer and having fun back home. For the second time in history, Brazil will play the world cup without a midfield - the first time was 1994, the apogee of the Dunga era. Amuse yourself reading the economics news, this world cup will be hard to take.

Forecast for this month: Brazil will win several games with a 0x0 score. Action: drape the auriverde over the TV.

If there is any roligan listening, can I have a red-and-white Olsen Band shirt?
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