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01 fevereiro 2010

Einstein didn't win the Nobel Prize for relativity

Robin Young of NPR's Here & Now almost spoiled my lunch interviewing a politician who believes cell phones cause cancer. I wrote the letter below to complain.
I was disappointed, maybe I should say shocked, to hear the nonsense about cellphones in today's program. It is FALSE that "the jury is still out on whether cell phones cause cancer," as Robin Young stated. There is no known physical mechanism by which microwave photons can break DNA in a way to cause cancer. Clinical research for almost 2 decades has failed to find any correlation between cell phone use and cancer. Fabricated and anecdotal evidence of the type cited in your program can never replace hard science.
To take the argument further, a reckless piece such as today's calls into question "Here & Now" as a source of thoughtful news and commentary. It is a slippery slope. Now you endorse crackpot theories about electromagnetism, the listener fears that tomorrow you will bring someone speaking for homeopathy, the next day creationism, and what will come next? Trade protectionists? Flat earthers? Erich von Däniken?
For some science on the subject, please read the article "Einstein didn't win the Nobel Prize for the theory of relativity. He won it for showing that you don't need to worry about radiation from your cell phone" at the following address:
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