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22 janeiro 2017

The apparatus of revenge and repression will accelerate methodically

Quoting • David Frum ‏@davidfrum  9 Nov 2016
1) Unlike his analogues in Poland/Hungary/Turkey, I don’t imagine that Donald Trump will immediately set out to build an authoritarian state
2) I expect his first priority will be to use the presidency massively to enrich himself.
3) That program of massive self-enrichment however will trigger media investigations and criticism by congressional Democrats.
4) As we’ve seen, Trump cannot tolerate criticism. He prides himself on always retaliating against perceived enemies, by means fair or foul
5) We’ve seen too that Trump’s advisers and aides share this belief. Chris Christie; Corey Lewandowski - they live by gangster morality.
6) So the abuses will start as payback. With a compliant Gop majority in Congress, Trump admin can rewrite laws to enable payback
7) The courts may be an obstacle. But w a compliant Senate, a president can change the courts - as happened in Poland & Hungary.
8) Current IRS commissioner’s term runs to end 2018. But (I looked it up) few commissioners serve the full 5 years.
9) The FBI seems already to have been pre-politicized in Trump’s favor. If Comey resigns, Trump will have another opportunity.
10) Construction of the apparatus of revenge and repression will begin opportunistically & haphazardly. It will accelerate methodically. END

Posted here for future reference. You are warned.
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