Atendendo a algumas respostas apreciativas e inúmeras ignorativas, aqui está......

26 janeiro 2017

How to resist tyranny

One thing is how we educate against bigotry and hatred and ignorance. It is a long term fight. Best left to schools while we can count on them.

The other is how to prevent the country from sliding into an autocracy, which is very immediate - the Party will make all efforts to suppress votes and fraud elections. I am not sure we have even 2 years before the damage is irreversible. Not enough time to educate people.

The only path is to show the voters that they are being taken for idiots. That the plutocrats intend to poison their children's water with lead the way they did to "those people" - forget about global warming, the point of gagging the EPA is so that you don't know that you are drinking the same water they gave to the kids in Flint. That once the billionaires are done with putting for-profit charter schools in inner cities, they will come after your suburban and rural schools as well. That once they are done suppressing the votes of minorities they'll come after the next group. And that once you lost your right to vote your guns won't protect you anymore.

Which is all true, and could perhaps be put in a more intellectual fashion. But voters need to be convinced, and that's the language they'll understand. Is this living with bigotry? Yes but it's either that or tyranny. We don't have enough time to wait until people are kinder, gentler, and more rational.
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