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15 abril 2013

Boston marathon

The Boston marathon starts in the middle of the night with the bicycle crowd. The people on wheelchairs reach Brookline late morning. Then come the leading women, and the Kenyan men around noon. After them, thousands of amateur but not any less impressive athletes. For me the best part used to be the stragglers, the people who overestimated their endurance, the optimists who keep running or at least walking till dark, even after the cleaning crew comes and finishes their work.

Not this time. The race was disbanded and Beacon Street is mostly empty. Tram service suspended. And tonight's concert at the Symphony had to be canceled.Terrorists from one group, terrorists from another group, or the people who think the city should not spend on maintenance because it benefits everybody and not just themselves, whoever arranged the explosions did not want to endear their cause to me.

I understand this post is very selfishly about me, and I was the least affected by the whole thing. But I would have liked to go back to the routine.
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