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22 dezembro 2012

English so-called soccer, TV so-called news

Yesterday on a flight to Colorado I watched MSNBC, Fox TV, and English soccer for the 1st, and hopefully last, time.

Microsoft TV was gloating about the double conservative shanda, Congress Republicans trying to bring the country down rather than tax people who make more than a million dollars a year, and the gun lobby trying to bring more guns into schools. Well it's a liberal's right to gloat, but I don't need to watch. Fox News was trying to avoid mentioning any news - they spent time trying to remember whether they used to have 5 or 6 talking heads in the show, and then moved on to a story about an American detained in Mexico over gun possession charges - apparently the US should invade Mexico over this or something like that.

If that is news, then so-called premier league can be called soccer. Although it looked to me that the keepers kick the ball to each other and the remaining 10 players try to pass the ball back to the keeper. So I fell asleep. The world may not have ended, but TV is over for me.
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