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14 março 2011

Academic boycott of university rankings

In the 2010 Times Higher Education World university rankings, Israeli universities were excluded from the top 200 list. In the list of 400 universities (not available on the web, only as an iPhone app), the Technion appears in position 221 and Bar Ilan University in 354. The Hebrew University and the University of Tel Aviv, which in 2008 were ranked 93 and 114, were not included in the most recent ranking.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities published in Shanghai includes 6 institutions from Israel among the world's top 400: the 4 above plus the Weizmann Institute and Ben Gurion University.

Does anyone have an explanation of why Times Higher Education excluded the top Israeli institutions from its ranking? Preferably an explanation without the words "Qaddafi oil money", please.
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