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04 outubro 2010

Brazilian elections

The results were the best possible. Dilma had the largest number of votes, reflecting the plausible perception that Lula ran the country fairly well. But she had fewer votes than Serra and Marina together. The polls were uniformly wrong and failed to predict a late surge towards Marina, and to a lesser extent Serra. This suggests that Serra will go after Marina's endorsement and invite the Greens to his government. A greener Psdb administration would certainly be the best for the country. Serra is the best prepared presidential candidate Brazil ever had, and the Greens also have a number of capable politicians. A stronger focus on the environment would improve domestic and foreign policies.

At least they will present a serious challenge in the runoff election. Then we will know how Dilma acts and reacts. So far she ran on the basis of Lula's support, and did not have to campaign too hard. If she passes the test of a one-on-one campaign, or if Serra fails to win Marina's voters over, then she will be the next president. A country has the government it deserves.

In the case of Brazil, it could be a lot worse. Together, the 4 far-left candidates won less than 1% of the vote. That is a small fraction of the 9 million null and blank votes. Somehow, these wingnuts manage to have their voices heard at the university. I would not even pay attention, if they weren't screaming into my ears all the time. The less educated populace somehow knows better. Who said education is the solution to all the country's problems?

Something else I almost forgot. In S Paulo at least, the old time, corrupt parties are done. Except for one or two celebrities gathering the ignorant protest vote, it's the Worker's Party, the Social Democrats, and the Greens. The others are gone. Not too soon.
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