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16 dezembro 2009

Lunatics of the world, unite!

A colleague wrote to our class list Poel85 that he's never been very much into communicating via blogs. I can think of a good reason: blog readers, with the exception of people who comment on this blog, are a bunch of lunatics! There also exist complete idiots, but the majority of idiots who make comments are lunatics as well.

Every incident in the world that involves a Moslem or an Arab brings about a series of accusations that "all Arabs are such-and-such and unless you agree with me you are also," and the equally reasoned counter-accusation that "if you think that Moslems are then you must be a..." I'll leave aside any international incident that involves Israel, as well as the majority of incidents that don't even involve Israel, but still serve as an excuse to start an anti-Semitic diatribe. Or think of all the amazing theories that get repeated in economics blogs: Are there really so many people who think Paul Krugman is a fascist-communist? Some bloggers such as Gustavo Chacra go to the trouble of gently answering their followers, probably after erasing the most offensive posts: others poke fun at the most ridiculous comments like Alexandre Schwartsman. Still the lunatics keep coming back.

One thing is certain: the lunatics seems to take extremist positions, in the common ground beyond the extreme left and the extreme right. There seem to be fewer of them talking about the natural sciences - very few scientists can be found among climate change deniers, or among the people who believe that gravitation is untrue because Einstein was a Jew.

But the questions are: How many lunatics are there in the world? How do they find the time to write? Where were they before the internet? Are there more of them now, or are they more visible? Are there many such lunatics still hiding behind a façade of politeness? Can we classify the diplomatic left-wing supporters of the the Axis among them?
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