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05 novembro 2015

News today - taking notes.

Russia and Iran getting deeper in trouble with the Syrian civil war.
Russia's Syria force grows to 4,000, U.S. officials say via @Reuters
Iranian commanders refuse orders to fight in Syria, report says
Fourth Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Said Killed In Syria via @RFERL
Britain, Concerned About Russian Crash, Halts Sinai Flights

(Was the Russian jet destroyed using Russian missiles?) Likewise the Saudis in Yemen.
Victory proves elusive in Saudi king's Yemen war via @Reuters

Considering that there existed no viable US strategy to prevent the war in Syria or in Yemen, the Obama strategy is having the effect of maximizing the damage to Russia, Iran, and the Saudis. That doesn't help the Syrians - nothing would - but it's best for the rest of us. Meanwhile the US has its own problems.
Heartland of Darkness via @NytimesKrugman

Explanation perhaps to be inferred from Asian-American immunity, thanks to the high value placed on education which confers similar immunity to the Jews, to the right-wing propaganda that's so damaging to the working classes.
Why Are Asian-Americans Such Loyal Democrats?
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