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24 dezembro 2013

The Economist's new Latin American column

The Economist is searching for a title for a new column on Latin America. My letter to them:

I suggest Alcântara.

Emperor Pedro II of Brazil, who when not in official capacity used the name Pedro de Alcântara almost as if a commoner, embodies the contradictions and paradoxes of Latin America. An European-blooded King of Brazil, a republican monarch, an abolitionist in a country of slavery, a rare man of culture in his country, the sole Portuguese-speaking nation of a mostly Spanish-speaking continent (at least among the elite). A liberal to some extent, especially with regard to freedom of press, yet the head of state and to some extent of government in a conservative regime.

Other liberal figures in Brazil would be of local appeal: Juscelino Kubitschek, Joaquim Nabuco, or Maurício de Nassau (the fact that he was Dutch would highlight the paradoxes). Juscelino, Nabuco, Nassau, or Tiradentes might be good names for a column about Brazil. I won't suggest names from other countries, because I am sure you will receive better reasoned suggestions from others; but if you do end up choosing a Brazilian name, Alcântara it should be.
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