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20 fevereiro 2012

Eyeglass lens reviews?

There exists no source of independent reviews of eyeglass lenses. Hoya, Zeiss, Essilor, Shamir, Zhetta, Seiko, Trufocals, Kodak, and others - which are good? Why? Which are worth the price?

There are plenty of resources to help decide about consumer goods  - for photographic equipment just to give an example. A good camera is fun, but not nearly as critical as a good pair of glasses. More people spend more money on eyeglasses then on most consumer goods, almost all of the time without thinking much - roughly, you go to a nearby optician and leave with whatever they sell you. In the United States, in most cases this means a chain optician whose employees have very little knowledge of the product they sell.

Patients are seldom competent to make decisions about medical treatment - this is why "the market" works poorly for health care. But I don't see any reason why consumers would not be able to make informed decisions about eyeglass lenses, the same way they decide on cars and computers.

Maybe this is a market failure that can be corrected. A business opportunity for someone with knowledge of eyeglass optics perhaps?
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