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23 fevereiro 2009

Letter to RTD-Denver

(Will probably get an ignoral, I post it here so they can ignore it in more places.)

We often travel to Boulder to visit family. Thanks to RTD's comprehensive service, we are able to minimize the need to rent cars. Keeping cars off the road saves money to the taxpayer, avoids congestion, reduces pollution... and let me not even start talking about the wreckage that global warming caused by auto emissions is doing on the Western Slope forests, or about how oil fuels all sorts of anti-American regimes all over the world.

For us RTD saves money, which we tend to spend in local businesses such as stores, restaurants, and recreation in the greater Denver area. I learned about the proposed RTD service reductions while riding the Skip and the N to the Eldora ski center in Nederland, where our family of 4 spent a day.

To the point: public transportation saves Colorado people and the State money, improves the quality of life, and is good for business. I strongly discourage cuts in services, in special of the Skip and N routes, but to other popular routes as well.
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