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08 fevereiro 2016


Half of the 6 of you may know of my habit of blogging votes. It is a form of expressing confidence in our freedoms. So: I plan to vote for Jeb Bush in the Republican presidential primaries in Massachusetts for the following reason.

I judge that the remaining Republican presidential candidates are a clear and present danger to the welfare of this country, to the freedom and liberty we enjoy, and to peace among our allies around the world. Not only the most talked about candidates, who do not deserve to be mentioned by name, but also the ones who supposedly are more acceptable to the conservative establishment. The absentee governor of N Jersey, a mean, incompetent, and vindictive fellow who would quarantine my daughter after a trip to Brazil. The pretty boy who skips Senate votes so as not to be on record as supporting anything but boilerplate blurbs. (How come it has taken so long for the pundits to declare his suit is empty?) The executive who destroyed the 2 greatest technology companies of the 20th century, but is excluded from debates for being female. Any of the vice-presidential candidates going to debates for the airtime. The crazies.

It is not at all likely that I would vote for Jeb against Hillary Clinton. However that would be a reasonable election in which they would have to express and defend their opinions. This is good for the country and the voter would have a chance to decide. Between repealing Obamacare because it goes to far, and repealing Obamacare because it doesn't go far enough, am I still more likely to vote for Sanders? Perhaps, but in either case it will be a question of who has the better proposals, not of absolute dread. Bush is not crazy, nor racist. He was a reasonable governor - I may disagree with his priorities and note that he surfed a real estate bubble, but the voters were happy. Sanders is to the left as Bush is to the right; you can agree or disagree with them depending on your positions. The alternatives to these 3 are mean and insane.
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