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11 janeiro 2015

Brazilian left: freedom of press to blame for Paris murders

In Brazil, the left has been pretty unanimous in blaming the victims for the murders in Paris. Without exception that I noted - there must be some, but there are so many tax-sponsored leftist parties and blogs that it is impossible to check - they argue that excessive freedom of the press is to blame for the attacks on a newspaper and a kosher supermarket in Paris. Only the degree to which the victims are to blame varies.

The left has been calling for central control of Brazilian media for a while; they argue that the Paris murders strengthen their argument for censorship. Statements to the effect that uncontrolled Brazilian media is partial for or against some political party show up frequently in the arguments about the terrorist attacks.

My opinion: in countries without complete freedom of expressions such things do not happen. Without freedom of expression, what happens is much worse.

Terminology: I will take cue from the controls literature and use the term central control. Distributed control of the media is what we have now: if you don't like it,  don't read it and don't write it. Central control would be performed by some combination - proposals vary in detail - of government councils, the party, and the secret police. Other terms, such as social control, censorship, economic control, ownership control, or state regulation, don't seem to describe the proposals very well.
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