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10 agosto 2012

Give peace a chance?

The prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, could have exchanged the Golan for a peace treaty with Assad. He could also have accepted Mubarak's invitation to put the Arab league in charge of the peace process with Palestine. Instead, he chose to destroy the nuclear explosive factory built in Syria by the North Koreans and ignore Mubarak's offer. Links at the bottom.

Had Olmert given peace a chance, Assad might now have nuclear bombs. He could use them against his own people or threaten Turkey. Israel would have a peace treaty with a genocidal dictator and a fruitless relationship with a jailed one. There would be additional obstacles to the dialog with Palestine and extra worries in the Syria-Israel border. 

How smart does "give peace a chance" sound now?

Olmert refused 2007 invite to address Arab League
Arie Shavit reflects on how had #srael given GolanHeights to Syria for peace in the 2000s, we'd have bloodshed today
The inside story of how a Syrian nuclear reactor was discovered and destroyed in 2007
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