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13 janeiro 2012

Apple University next week?

Apple is planning an education event at the Guggenheim in NYC next week. Judging by how little attention the event is receiving from analysts, it promises to be big.

I believe Apple University will finally be announced. Judging by the lack of attention it has received during the 3 years since the first preparations were made public, Apple university promises to be significant. I guess it will be an educator support system, in the same way that the Apple store supports software developers, and the iTunes store supports musicians. I expect Apple university to include a richer set of educational and multimedia tools, beyond a distribution and sales system, and will not be surprised if, unlike the app and music stores, Apple funds part of the costs out of the generosity of Steve Jobs.

Privatdozenten of the world, rejoice! I am preparing my first two courses. Are you?
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