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11 janeiro 2011

Dilma's good start

How are the first few days of the Dilma administration?
1 - She has made her support for freedom of speech very clear. The proposal to establish a national censorship board, made by former minister Franklin Martins, will be sent to committees from where they are not expected to emerge.
2 - She started her first week of work without anticonstitutional religious symbols in her office.
3 - The minister of Science & Technology, though himself a failed politician and a failed academic, has chosen able and respected people to run the government research agencies.
4 - Dilma's cabinet gives a limited amount of space for professional politicians and other people without ethical commitment or professional background to run the government.

The latter is the only way to keep the government accounts under control - they are under stress from excessive spending during the last year of Lula's government. Members of PMDB, the party most affected by the loss of lucrative positions, received just enough that they can grumble ineffectively, but not revolt openly. We may expect some retreats from the positions above, under pressure from all sorts of antidemocratic forces, but it is a good start.
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