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02 janeiro 2008

MacBook Touch na MacWorld

Having read the rumors about the announcement of an ultra-portable Mac at the MacWorld 2008 in two weeks, I will add my own speculation:

- It will be called the MacBook Touch.
- Flash memory, or 1.8in iPod disk, maybe both.
- No built-in optical drive (obvious).
- No built-in keyboard (less obvious).
- iPhone-style interface when using without a keyboard. How it will be made to stand upright on a wireless keyboard, I don't have a clue, but the designers at Apple must be able to figure it out.
- Firewire 3200 to make up for lack of internal disks (I am probably wrong on that).
- 3G cell phone contract available (battery life is less of a problem than on a phone, but I am probably wrong on this as well).
- Everybody and their dogs will want one, but there will be a lot of whining about drive and screen size, lack of CD and GPS, choice of wireless carriers, battery life, and so on (easy).
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