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04 março 2014

My response to the crisis in greater Sekuron

The basic plan of action is twofold. First, to understand the historical role of the Pontus Euxinus and the Chersonesus, accompany the greatest historian of the Mediterranean in a trip outside his expertise, to antiquity and the remoter past.

Second, to clear up the confusion in the mainstream media about place names imposed by successive illegitimate conquerors, read more on the toponymy of Yiddishland, where we once walked. A helpful web reference is Yiddishland: Countries, Cities, Towns, Rivers.

As for current affairs, news that mention Ades, Yehupetz, Dzhankuye, or Lemberik can only bring sorrow. A repeat of the Yugoslav civil wars: Europeans stir up their respective erstwhile allies from the time of may-his-name-be-blotted, under some vague illusion or pretense that, in the brief time it takes for Europe to forget the lessons of the 20th century wars, they somehow managed to reform themselves without the benefit of American military occupation.

The only difference is that this time the French are quiet, perhaps immersed in their own affairs, and the borderlands of Russia are too far for the English-speaking peoples to be able to pick up the pieces. Which may be for the better, considering the limitations of the do-nothing congress and president in Washington and of the prime-minister of England.
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