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14 março 2010

Caminho do mar

The old São Paulo-Santos highway, now closed to auto traffic. With a little effort you can imagine a trip from Lothlórien to the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie, and back, compressed in 16km round trip. In the bottom stretch that ends at the oil refinery, smell the memory of sulfurous vapors and mephitic swamps, although pollution in the industrial park in Cubatão has been cleaned up considerably from its worst, 25 years ago. Maybe hear the yrch massing under the gas flare. And then after climbing 600m on a paved highway, you are back. On the way you cross remnants of the cobblestone 18th century Calçada do Lorena. To schedule a trip Tuesday to Sunday, call 11-3333-7666 or email the park on a weekday.
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