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16 julho 2009


I needed a new printer because the HP inkjet stopped working. I used to have great experiences with HP lasers but the last few printers were expensive to maintain, poorly made, buggy, and unreliable. The Xerox color lasers were attractive but I print very little, cannot justify a more expensive printer. So I bought a cheap Brother black and white laser for two-sided printing. So far so good - inexpensive and trouble-free for printing documents and papers, although a little slow with postscript. More memory could help, but would undo the inexpensive part.

Then I needed a color printer to print photos, and a scanner. To avoid HP I tried Kodak. The reason for this post is to tell whoever is reading that the Kodak All-in-One Printer Software does not install in Mac OS X! Buyer beware! I returned the Kodak and bought..... yes, an HP Photosmart. Print quality is mediocre, ink is expensive and cartridges don't last long. And wireless printing does not work properly. But - a relief after many lousy experiences - it printed. Not enough to say that the old HP is back, but at least the worst bugs were ironed out after they fired Carly.
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