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04 abril 2009

Academician Bertoleza and the Giant Burocrator

Dear friends,

The Royal Imaginary Press of Boupinel, a dubious imprint operating out of undisclosed virtual locations at former and future lunatic asylums in cyberspace, has published ”Academician Bertoleza and the Giant Burocrator,” a translation of my first work of fiction. (Unless you consider control theory a form of fiction.) No trees have been harmed for the sake of the translation. The release is under a Creative Commons copyleft license, meaning that you can download it freely from:

Academician Bertoleza and the Giant Burocrator

or from the website of The Royal Imaginary Press of Boupinel:

The translation is inferior to the Portuguese original, but contains a number of typographical improvements meant to make reading less painful. In the fullness of time the original should be updated to reflect the typesetting modifications, if you prefer to read Portuguese. But the price is unbeatable, though I am sure everybody will find something to dislike. For example, economists might tell you that books costing less than a penny are a serious form of deflation, a worrying threat in the present crisis.

Published reviews of the original have been less than enthusiastic. I am sure you will agree that the reviewers are no more qualified than the translator, or the author for that matter. Some people may like it, but it is not for everybody. In any case, I would not be sending a link if I did not think that you can find less interesting reads in the New York Times bestseller list.
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