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06 novembro 2008

Red states and blue states

In the of maps here, obtained from Wikipedia, states that voted for Obama in 2008 or for Brazil's Social Democrats in 2006 are shown in BLUE. The states that voted for the Republican Party or for Lula's Worker's Party are shown in RED.

In both maps, the states almost form connected sets. Have fun spotting other similarities, and some differences.

Where are the leading universities, and who brags about ignorance? Where are the large, empty states, and where are the hard working taxpayers? Where did the sugarcane and cotton plantations use to be, and where is "colonel" a term of respect? In which states do religious obscurantist politicians live off oil royalties? Where is the media, and where do the news take longest to arrive?

But in a democracy, news do arrive. As control theorist say, learn to live with delay.
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